Apr 19th

Vice Features “Sun Boxes”

Vice magazine recently featured an article by Craig Colorusso on his innovative sound installation piece “Sun Boxes”.

The installation that uses 20 solar powered speakers each looping a different guitar note was described by Colorusso as a new approach to audience engagement.

“I wanted to present music without that barrier between audience and performer. The participants are literally surrounded by Sun Boxes. People are part of it not herded into a room to stand before an ensemble. My art is not precious, it is not meant to be hidden behind bulletproof glass. My art is meant for the masses to be lived amongst,” he wrote.

Vice editors wanted Colorusso to write about his work saying that they didn’t quite know how to articulate – “We don’t know how they work, but they sound pretty.”

You can read the full article by Colorusso here:

Sun Boxes also has an app to recreate the ambient sounds by yourself or with a group – it is even possible to completely represent the installation with 20 people.

Download the app here:

See more on Sun Boxes or purchase the vinyl at:

To see Sun Boxes for yourself check locations here: