Sep 7th

Team Genius 3 EP Release + Full Length + Play Union Hall 9/29

We first gave you a sweet Team Genius taste through our Lovely Hearts Club with the debut EP “Pop Songs.” Now, Paper Garden Records is serving up the whole enchilada by releasing two follow-up EP’s Loud Songs & Whiskey Songs (available October 2nd) and their forthcoming LP New York Songs.

Team Genius continue to impress us with their ability to create a wide variety of indie-pop heard across their New York City opus, channeling the highs and lows, the fears and excitement and mostly the knowledge and feeling of the wide eyed young adult experience in the Big City. The subtle progression of lyirics and moods from each EP to the full LP capture a very familiar experience, like growing up or evolving. Start your journey with these 3 EP’s and soak in the very real and very human experiences of a band living in NYC.

If you are one of the lucky ones living in the NYC area you should totally come check out the 3 EP Relase Show at Union Hall September 29 w/ Celestial Shore and Friend Roulette! Hope to see you there!

Pre-order your favorite Team Genius tunes: