Apr 1st

THE HUM Series coming this April

Honored to help spread the word about the incredible series, The Hum, created by Hypnocraft! Every Monday evening in April at Manhattan Inn (FREE), The Hum is a new residency featuring over 30 artists collaborating, crossing the genres of punk, indie, hip hop, classical, folk, jazz and more. Video artists collaborating with new groups each … +++ read more +++

Feb 9th

PREE ‘Hooks & Eyes’ premiere on GoldFlakePaint

“Led by the magnetic vocals flourishes of May Tabol, the track is effortlessly endearing, batting away any cobwebs with the pure pop-heart that leads it from the outset. Unraveling across five beautifully-adorned minutes, the track marries scintillating instrumentation with the kind of sparkling grace that can’t quite be placed but which underpins the entire piece. Drifting … +++ read more +++