Jun 6th

T Mak World Spotlight Conveyor as NXNE Emerging Artist

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Conveyor let their colors shine in a highly entertaining interview with T Mak World last week to discuss their record, upcoming NXNE performance and why Thomas Edison’s “Wax n Facts” tour of 1877 would be their ultimate opening gig.

The hilarious foursome managed to entertain  us all with their unique sense of humour – when asked if music fans should catch their show at NXNE they said:

“No fan of music should come to our show.  Fans of human beings and an Earthly existence and being alive and drinking water will have a GREAT time at our NXNE show.  It helps if you’ve ever been to a jai alai fronton.”

So if you’re into being alive, hydrated and maybe even contact sports… catch Conveyor for what’s sure to be an awesome show at NXNE in Toronto on June 16th @ C’Est What? and/or pre-order their debut album.

Read the full interview here: