Aug 24th

reKiosk + Paper Garden: make $$ from your favorite music!

Paper Garden prides itself on being at the forefront of new technology, incorporating new ideas into all aspects of its business, especially when it comes to companies that integrate with music.  This time, everyone wins.  Within minutes of taking down their registration wall, this exciting new digital music & e-book platform is quickly spreading across the digital media news outlets, including TechCrunch and Hypebot.

Why should you care?  reKiosk not only gives labels, artists, and publishers a massive cut (content owners keep 95%), but it also allows for everyone else to make some cash in the process. Rekiosk is a direct-to-fan incentive-based platform that allows for anyone who “rekiosks” music they buy from the site to set up their own Rekiosk store (fear not, no fees attached) and re-sell that same piece of music to their own friends and/or fanbase.  Whether you’re a tastemaker, blogger, booking agent, manager, licensing company or just a fan, you can set up your own Rekiosk store and sell your favorite digital music and e-books directly – and you keep 25% of the sale. You are your own distributor.

To get a better idea of how it works, sneak a peak at their promo video below and visit the Paper Garden Records reKiosk:

“[Rekiosk] provide a sleek and easy system for digital sales, and allow other people to act as your distributor – receiving a share of your sales in exchange for selling and promoting your media. Bloggers, publishers, major labels and independent musicians all exist on the same platform, governed by the same set of rules. reKiosk is like a thousand small, indie record shops under one giant digital tent.” - Aziz Isham, CEO Rekiosk