Jul 11th

Paper Garden Records featured in The New York Times!

Paper Garden Records prides itself on being early adopters when it comes to new technologies involving music – and today it has paid off with a feature in The New York Times regarding our creative usage of the newly launched Turntable.FM!  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have played host to a live Turntable.FM session last Thursday.  This is what NY Times said about Paper Garden and its involvement with the new site…

Some smaller record labels are already looking at as a new way to find talent and get feedback on their bands.

Heidi Greenwood, the creative director of Paper Garden Records, an indie label in Brooklyn, has been inviting unsigned musicians to play their music in a room. “If it gets a really good response, it makes sense for us to consider it,” she said.

Ms. Greenwood said the company was excited about the possibility of hosting listening parties for new albums and songs from the label.

“The hardest thing these days is getting people to press play,” she said. “On Twitter and Facebook, people can say they’ve been listening, but you don’t really know. In the room, you know that they are actually hearing the music and responding to it.”

Go visit our room at

Check out the full article at NY Times HERE