May 6th

Paper Garden and Cara Bella Team Up For Brain-Cave 2014

Spring is a magical time of year, and Brooklyn might be the best place to experience it.  Cold and gloom are replaced with warmth and vibrancies, as creative spirits are reawakened after a much too long hibernation.  Brain-Cave has always been a celebration of this rebirth as the city comes to life, as all walks of life reemerge to get together and share their passions of art, regardless of the medium. 

This year, Brain-Cave has continued to expand and grow from it’s humble beginnings of Shea Stadium in 2011, to a series of events meant to be shared with others.  We kicked off Spring with our first night on Saturday May 3 at Baby’s All Right and featured some amazing artists by the likes of Luke Temple, She Keeps Bees, Friend Roulette, EDAN, Teletextile, D.J. Top of NY, D.M. Stith, and Stranger Cat.

Keep an eye and ear out as more information will be coming as the Brain-Cave 2014 series continues.