Lovely Hearts Club

Oct 25th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Tidy Kid (LHC #5)

Tidy Kid is a contradiction in itself, not only through the artist’s name but also in both the music and image.  With a sound derivative of Sigur Ros, Casiokids, and Syme who spawned from the dark beauty of Northern sunless countries of Norway and Iceland, Tidy Kid is based much further South, in the much hotter Brisbane, Australia.  And judging from his beard, which is probably the most haphazard beard we’ve ever seen, it’s hard to believe Tidy Kid is all that tidy.

Enough about what Tidy Kid is NOT, though, as he has proven to us that his music more than makes up the true identity of Tidy Kid.  With a B-side remix just released with Warp RecordsBibio, Tidy Kid comes to us by way of one of those secret Commonwealth country agreements where Canadians (thanks Bloggertronix!) and Australians get along to make and release incredible pieces of art.  Jealous.