Lovely Hearts Club

Sep 14th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Snowmine (LHC #33)

The Paper Garden folks have been bumping into these guys under some pretty unusual circumstances as of late. Namely, a super-secret weekend in the middle of the woods as well as a Rocksoff show on a boat. We’re so psyched to introduce them to you!

Laminate Pet Animal is one of those albums that proves feasible that album-that-gets-better-with-each-listen adage. Just when we all decide that “Penny” is definitely our favorite…but wait, what about “Let Me In”?! And when it’s over the only inter-office consensus we’ve managed is that we should listen to the record again. And good lord, if “Beast in Air, Beast in Water” isn’t the most beautiful pop song you’ll have heard in quite some time…it’s really just impossible to choose. Luckily you don’t have to. In fact, you can listen to the album in it’s entirety via the Snowmine bandcamp page.

Snowmine creates mesmerizing, tightly woven melodies on which Grayson Sanders’ ever-fetching vocals can freely saunter. But below this effervescent surface there are many layers to a Snowmine song, and a closer listen reveals some decidedly heavy lyrics. Many of the tracks thematically touch upon of lost love, betrayal, and loneliness. Which is not to say that Snowmine is a dark listen, but that with Laminate Pet Animal they’ve successfully showcased their ability to write an enthrallingly multi-dimensional pop song.

Be sure to catch Snowmine’s set this Saturday (9/17) at our Multiverse Playground Event!