Lovely Hearts Club

Oct 8th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Royal Canoe (LHC #49)

“The genre-defying Winnipeg 6-piece unleash the restraints on inspiration allowing their sound to traverse territory that more referentially self-concious pop groups wouldn’t cross…an expansive, communal electro-pop experience worth getting a grip on.” – CBC Radio

“Royal Canoe . . . have an expertise in energetic psychedelic pop…deconstructed, slithering, intriguing.”Indie Shuffle

It amazes me just how little I know about our neighbors in Canada and what they do all day up there. Fortunately, there is Royal Canoe giving us a glimpse into the life of a 6-piece indie band as they constantly pump out inventive psychedelic pop from a dump of a rehearsal space in Winnipeg, Manitoba. These songs come fully loaded with catchy hooks, falsettos (with or without the pedal effects) and rhythms that make it near impossible to slap a genre or “sounds like” on the package.

Lovely Hearts Club first got hooked on Royal Canoe with catchy hits like “Bloodrush” & “Hold on to the Metal” off their debut EP Extended Play, released Feb 2012. After watching this creepy video of “Nightcrawlin’” we were left with some odd Yeasayer blood flowing through our veins and I’m willing to bet the other 30k youtube viewers did too. In September we were shocked by two new tracks with genes from Royal Canoe’s hip-hop side of the family, “Show Me Your Eyes” and “Summersweat”, off the EP Purple and Gold. So steam & download “Show Me Your Eyes” here and then give them a hi-5 at a show for giving you such amazing music!

There are plenty of chances to see them in all their live glory this October as they are hitting up several northeastern US states including NYC for our Lovely Hearts Club CMJ Showcase Oct. 19 at Spike Hill!  If you can’t wait that long, well you are in luck because they play Oct. 9th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn! Head here for full tour dates and keep up with the band on Facebook & Twitter so you don’t miss out on getting one of these colorful Purple & Gold 7″ records.