Lovely Hearts Club

May 31st

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Philco Fiction (LHC #25)

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Philco Fiction – Help!

Dreamy Norwegian pop trio Philco Fiction first captured our attention here at the Lovely Hearts Club when they stopped through New York on their recent US tour. All it took was a few bars of their uniquely whimsical sound and we were hooked.  We knew we had to share this gem of the European underground rock scene with our fellow audiophiles this side of the Atlantic.

The group debuted their first album, Give Us to the Lions, in 2010. Since then they have been hard at work touring and recording a second album, which is due to be released this fall. Lucky for us, they leaked the album’s first single “Help” to give all you Lovely Hearts Club fans out there a taste of what’s in store. Prepare to be mesmerized by singer Turid Solberg’s stunning vocals and the band’s playful, inventive instrumentation.