Lovely Hearts Club

Feb 14th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Novel Ideas (LHC #20)

Even in the dead of winter, The Novel Ideas stir up the nostalgic feelings of youth, warmth and carefree summers. Incorporating pop elements similar to those of Death Cab for Cutie and melding them with the literary folk rock of Okkervil River, The Novel Ideas have an inventive style of indie rock. Created by two different songwriters, their music is tied together with distinctive instrumentation and folky male and female harmonies. Their collection of Summer Demos heralds the arrival of their full-length album slated for late Summer 2011.

The Lovely Hearts Club first came across The Novel Ideas a while back when they reached out as fans of Paper Garden’s roster to play with Emanuel and the Fear in Boston. Having met the core of the band (also siblings) during our last trip to Boston, The Novel Ideas filled us in on their plans to release a new album this Summer and when we heard this focus track, “On Fire”, we knew if would be a Lovely Hearts Club Valentine’s Day delight!