Lovely Hearts Club

Dec 9th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Little Tybee (LHC #14)

Little Tybee has been at the forefront of our minds over the past year.  Having  discovered them from a slew of different people within the art and music scenes in New York and Georgia, this crew of Southern wonders have been busy bees, preparing for their new album, ‘Humorous To Bees’ to be released in late February 2011.

Incorporating a slide guitar style that will blow your mind, delicate yet captivating cinematic strings, a simplistic yet driving rhythm section, and mindboggling vocal perfection, Little Tybee have a way of warming your soul and brightening your day, almost like an adult lullaby. The band encompasses the hospitality that the South is so famous for, as well as the warmth and space we big Northern City dwellers miss out on. One of the many reasons we love this band is their ability to take the listener into their sound,  so much so you can  feel it in your core.

While their video for the album’s first single, ‘Nero’, has been available since Summer, The Lovely Hearts Club is extremely excited to re-introduce the single to the masses in anticipation of Little Tybee’s new album.