Lovely Hearts Club

Jul 29th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Jack & the Bear (LHC #28)

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Jack & the Bear “Back To Despair” by Paper Garden Records 

In this day and age we can discover artists in all sorts of ways. We received a demo from this band in the mail, and the very next day they were in our room. When they played their track,  we were blown away. Crazy, right?  So now let’s take a journey to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where there is some grand folk rock being made. Jack & The Bear are next up in a growing line of  future breakout stars of this scene. Following in the footsteps of acts such as Mumford and Sons, and The Avett Brothers, Jack & The Bear attribute a similarly raw sound that is both haunting and regal. “Back To Despair”, filled with pulsating drums and heavily emotional vocals, doubles as a bit of a theme song for moving on with your life.

Consisting of two sets of brothers and a family friend, there is a sense of comfort in Jack & the Bear’s recording process that gives the sound some much-appreciated togetherness. The use of 4 part harmonies as well as an exotic mixture of instruments (mandolin, trombone, trumpets and accordion, to name just a few) make this group stand on their own. If this track is any indication, this great nation has another rollicking folk band to savor.