Lovely Hearts Club

Oct 5th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: I Heart Hiroshima (LHC #3)

I Heart Hiroshima comes to us from the furthest corners of the earth in a land called Shakeytown, which is apparently somewhere in Australia. With a delicate yet confident vocal style, a driving percussive edge, and guitar aggression that puts chills down your spine, this band definitely hits that nerve that easily puts you in an “everything is ok in its chaos” state of mind. I Heart Hiroshima have already made a name for themselves in Australia, supporting bands such as Ratatat, Conor Oberst, Peaches, Cat Power, and Shonen Knife, playing major festivals and racking up some serious airplay on Triple J Radio. Now it’s North America’s turn to listen to one of Australia’s finest exports.

This beautifully crafted music video for their “Shakeytown” single, was put in front of our eyes when drummer/vocalist Susie Patten took a trip down to SXSW earlier this year with us. It’s a perfect visual portrayal of the creativity and art-centric approach to I Heart Hiroshima’s music.