Lovely Hearts Club

Oct 12th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Holy Names (LHC #36)

Holy Names is the moniker of Seattle based maestro Andy Vaughan and his coterie. The former, of veteran PGR troupe Mighty Tiger, stakes his crisp vocals into the group’s rich, multi-instrumental parlor pop like a tattered black flag. Holy Names’ Perpetual Beginner is an astral deviation from today’s standards, pulling taught the tightrope between space-rock and freak-folk. An apropos description given that Grammy winnin’ and Tom Waits producin’ Oz Fritz mixed the record. “Somebody Else pts. 1& 2″ build sinister bridges of found samples among cerebral, winding tracks like “Why Does the Devil Make All the Good Music?” and “Fleshtones”.

The record’s real stand-out, “The American Crowbar Case“, commences with a bobbing acoustic march, measured and determined, but as Vaughan croons things begin to zig zag. His rich voice gradually folds into layers of fluttering guitar, while traipsing bass and delightfully pounded piano riffs keep the cacophony alive. Vaughan’s way with sound is certainly unique, and “Crowbar Case” will pull you even closer to it’s peculiarities.