Lovely Hearts Club

Sep 28th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Freedom Or Death (LHC #1)

Every now and then when you turn the key for your mailbox, you find something extraordinary hidden amongst all those bills and coupons.  For us, that gem came a few months ago in the form of a hand screened and hand numbered EP from Toronto group Freedom Or Death.

The duo met while working for a major label in Canada, both ultimately leaving their jobs to pursue careers as artists.  Freedom Or Death took their first breath with an EP so honest and vital that it’s easy to proclaim the band as pinnacles in the new music industry.  Fragments of the familiar contrast an eclectic assemblage of thoughtful lyrics, creating an atmospheric sound that is original and addictive.

In such a short existence, Freedom Or Death are already on the festival circuit, playing Pop Montreal this week and CMJ in mid October.  Lovely Hearts Club has chosen to highlight the opening track to the EP, Lost in Dances, written to compliment the short film by Spike Jonze, ‘How They Get There’, featuring skateboarding legend, Mark Gonzalez.