Lovely Hearts Club

Oct 27th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Frederik Teige (LHC #7)

#1 vacation destination?  Copenhagen, Denmark.  Why?  Arguably the best music scene in the world.  With bands like Alcoholic Faith Mission and Oh Land making big splashes at CMJ this year, it’s no doubt that Efterklang’s guitarist, Frederik Teige, is next in line.

Now focusing on his solo material, Frederik Teige brings a mystical yet melancholy approach to his horn and banjo driven new single ‘Elevate’.  A testament to the strength in vulnerability, Teige’s ‘Elevate’ shows its anthemic beauty in his brand new video directed by Toronto’s Jaan Silmberg for Pistoltrixx.

We had the privilege of meeting Frederik in Toronto a short while ago through the lovely Leanda Quinquet who not only runs the tasteful Canadian Bloggertronix blog, but also works with both Teige and Lovely Hearts Club’s recently released Tidy Kid.  Talking over a bowl of perogies, we caught Teige just prior to his Blogotheque Takeaway video shoot, which you can also catch below.

With a brand new remix of ‘Elevate’ from 5&1/4 Records’ Vangel (Canadian producer & DJ extraordinaire) and a video to accompany it soon, Frederik Teige is giving us plenty to play with before his full album drops next year!