Lovely Hearts Club

Nov 1st

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: For All The Girls (LHC #37)

Welcome the youngest member of the Lovely Hearts Club, Damien Fairchild, aka For all the Girls. He’s just like any other 13-year-old boy, crushing on girls, except he makes retro-folk love songs for them. Since he can’t drive yet, he pretty much sits at home in Provo, UT and makes music, probably while texting seven different girls at once. While most kids are playing Call of Duty, Damien is working hard to release his debut album “For all the Girls” on his 14th birthday February 14th, 2012.

Damien recently emailed us this fun video, directed by his good friend and fellow musician Drew Danburry, which made our jaws immediately hit the floor. We hope you enjoy listening and watching the video for “Phylicia” as much as we did. Help Damien start saving for college or buy his first car by showing your support over at CD Baby.