Lovely Hearts Club

Dec 30th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Conveyor (LHC #42)

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Conveyor – Mukraker

We have been hooked on Conveyor ever since their EP “Sun Ray” landed on our doorstep. (Note to bands: handing out your music on freaky orange 12″ vinyl is one sure way to get a label to give your demo a spin.) Unfortunately, we caught wind of this Brooklyn based quartet too late and missed out on their CMJ show. Apparently they impressed a few folks so much that We Listen For You decided on “Sun Ray” as the first ever We Listen For You Record Club selection. Now we have three copies of this beautiful wax at Paper Garden & Lovely Hearts Club headquarters and in no way is that depressing! Conveyor has this rare ability to repeat the same few lyrics over and over and over with their folk-inspired melodies and catchy synth to the point that you feel it in your bones. BreakThru Radio has pinned them as a hybrid between Iron & Wine with Caribou but we can’t shake this feeling that they are channeling their inner Aqueduct at times.

Well out with the old and in with the new in 2012 because One Thirty BPM has just premiered a new track called “Mukraker” and have deemed it Conveyor’s best song yet! It definitely has got everyone we know excited about their forthcoming full album.  The band has also began locking down tour dates across the entirety of the US for Summer 2012, so be on the lookout for a live show in your town!

You can stream the track here or head over to their bandcamp starting January 2nd for a digital fix, until the 7″ split with fellow Brooklynites Illuminator is available.  Conveyor has also brought us a delicious new treat in the form of BreakThru Radio’s Hear & There session, where they cook up a stripped back version of “Mukraker” in a posh Williamsburg kitchen. Even though the band is extremely busy making new music for us they still find time to chat with fans on the internet so get to following them on Twitter and Facebook. Hope to see everyone who lives within a 30-mile radius of Glasslands on January 5 as Conveyor gets down with ILLUMINATOR, Teletextile, and fellow Lovely Hearts Club band, Snowmine.