Lovely Hearts Club

Nov 2nd

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Campfire OK (LHC #9)

As winter slowly begins to settle in the Northern Hemisphere, we could all use a bit of Campfire OK to warm our souls.  The drizzling rain of Seattle is clearly not affecting this indie folk group from producing an array of color and energy throughout the otherwise grim atmosphere.

Their single and title track, “Strange Like We Are”, is full of glowing vocal harmonies, rhythmic banjo, and hand claps that all lead into the driving force that is the angst built chorus.  While the band may be indicative of Dr. Dog, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and Sea Wolf, Campfire OK still retains their own unique sound amongst the ever-evolving  and always inspirational Seattle music scene.

Initially constructed under the name “Benjamin Bear”, we first heard about this crew when the lead singer of Mighty Tiger was asked to play baritone on their previous record.  Since then, the band has released their new EP as Campfire OK under the label support of Ana-Them Records, who will be releasing the band’s full-length album on February 1st of next year.

Their Videoteca video created for captures the band in their truest form, showcasing their vocally harmonic and instrumentally precise talents in a series of three songs.