Lovely Hearts Club

Apr 22nd

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Big Tree (LHC #23 – Earth Day special!)

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Big Tree – This New Year

Today is Earth Day, and we couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than with a new  song by the eco-friendly band Big Tree. When Big Tree first reached out to The Lovely Hearts Club and sent us the single “This New Year” from their forthcoming album, we were immediately smitten. Their brand of sunny psychedelic pop, splashed with colorful harmonies and infectious lyrics, instantly had us thinking spring. Bandmates and friends Kaila McIntyre-Bader, Luke Bace, Colin Fahrner, Dan Pirello, and Laura Schwecherl met while studying jazz in college and, while Big Tree’s sound is more Fleet Foxes than  Coltrane, their jazz roots are evident in the band’s complex rhythms and unique time signatures.

Big Tree completed their first full-length, self-titled album back in 2008, which they followed up with last summer’s shimmering gem of an EP, Home (here).  To promote the EP, as well as their commitment to environmental sustainability, the band left their native New York last summer and toured out to California in a vegetable-oil-fueled tour van, purchased with the fundraising help of fans. They recently celebrated their triumphant return to New York, where you can catch them in a month-long residency at Pete’s Candy Store every Thursday throughout the month of June.  The will also be giving “Grease Talks”— explaining how the tour van works and encouraging recycling and sustainability—throughout the month of April, at colleges and universities throughout the Tri-State

Upcoming Events

4/22 – Bronxville, NY @ Sarah Lawrence College

4/23 – Northampton, MA @ Smith College

4/23 – Saratoga Springs, NY @ Skidmore College

4/27 – Syracuse, NY @ Jabberwocky Cafe

4/29 – Waterville, ME @ Colby College

4/30 – Easton, MA @ Stonehill College

5/1 – Worcester, MA @ Clark University

5/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall

6/2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (themed residency)

6/9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (themed residency)

6/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (themed residency)

6/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (themed residency)

6/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (themed residency)