Lovely Hearts Club

Jan 24th

Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Anchorless (LHC #18)

It’s official – we’re addicted. There’s something about Danish bands that we just can’t get enough of these days.  The latest to hit our bloodstream, standing side by side with fellow Danish bands Mew, Oh Land, Oh No Ono and Efterklang as well as Paper Garden & The Lovely Hearts Club’s Frederick Teige, Dad Rocks! and Alcoholic Faith Mission, comes ANCHORLESS.

Reminiscent of bands like American Football and early Appleseed Cast, Anchorless’ self-titled EP is a delightful listen which borders on the edge of several genres.  The Lovely Hearts Club is particularly fond of ‘A Step Too Steep’, which features a 90’s-era pop sound like you would find from Harvey Danger or Deep Blue Something…but SO much better!

The Lovely Hearts Club discovered this gem last April through the same label/management as Alcoholic Faith Mission and are thrilled to finally help bring it to the surface for all to hear.