Eli Mardock

Feb 13th

I Guess I’m Floating premieres new Eli Mardock track!

“Peppy piano, handclaps, and strings that crescendo like whitecaps on sea waves – his new single starts off with a feeling similar to Arcade Fire if you were to trade a dark and broody church recording studio for a summery session in the Grand Canyon. Even if your frontal lobe was as useless as a Blockbuster video store, you’d still be able to deduce that Mr. Mardock can compose a great, layered song like few others.”I Guess I’m Floating

I Guess I’m Floating marked the first single from Eli Mardock’s new album with talk of Nostalgia.  Which is exactly what it is to Paper Garden as well, as Eli was the front-man of PGR’s first ever band, Eagle Seagull!  IGIF sums it up best, so head on over to IGuessImFloating.net for the full post!