Jul 15th

DIY Does It Again With Hillstock Festival 2010!

The 2nd annual Hillstock Festival was held this past weekend and this year Paper Garden was lucky enough to have two of the three days in its very own backyard in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn!

Hillstock Festival is an idea materialized by members of the Brooklyn-based 30-ish member band, Eskalators (who just so happen to be our next door neighbors) and Paper Garden had the chance to showcase three of its acts in a cosy backyard full of great people, food, art, and an array of musical talent. Peasant, The Wooden Sky, and SAADI all played on the Sunday bill, dodging the rain showers by minutes thanks to a massive pre-prepared tarp over people’s heads allowing the show to go on as planned and the bands receiving their due credit for some incredible performances.

Outside of the immediate Paper Garden realm, there were a slew of other bands we couldn’t help but take a liking to, including Hop Along, Young and Old, Saredren Wells, Eskalators, ACLU Benefit, Mercy Choir, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, The Toothaches, Ava Luna and many more! As all three days were documented and filmed by Flipswitch, there will be more video clips to come soon on the Festival and no doubt a DVD release for you in the coming months!

In the meantime, you can check out the video from The Local/New York Times here:

and some photos from Village Voice here: