Dad Rocks!

Oct 13th

DAD ROCKS! to tour US + music video premier + album release!

Dad Rocks! is coming to the U.S.! Dad Rocks! is coming to the U.S.A. for CMJ just after his shows at Iceland Airwaves! We’re so psyched!

Icelandic/Danish songsmith Snævar Albertsson is no rookie, as he has been playing and touring with Mimas for a while now, but this will be his U.S. premiere under the Dad Rocks! moniker. And under exciting circumstances, we might add, which is to celebrate the release of his debut full-length Mount Modern, which becomes officially available via Paper Garden on November 8th.

Pre-order Dad Rocks’ release of Mount Modern via the PGR store HERE

If you plan on being around New York for CMJ (it’s gonna be rad, duh) be sure to catch his set at our Paper Garden Records showcase! If not, fret not! Check the dates below for Dad Rocks! full US and Iceland Airwaves tour schedule.

Additionally, Dad Rocks has just released a brand new music video, which takes a toungue-in-cheek approach to the modernday music fan and teaches us why we shoiuldn’t steal music, kids!  The track, entitled “Weapons” also features Broken Social Scene’s Charles Spearin, so keep an ear out for the trumpet!  Check out the premier over at

Fall Tour Schedule

10/14, Reykjavik, Iceland @ Nordic House, Iceland Airwaves
10/15, Reykjavik, Iceland @ Kex, Iceland Airwaves
10/15, Reykjavik, Iceland @ Bar 11, Iceland Airwaves
10/15, Reykjavik, Iceland @ Harpa Kaldalon, Iceland Airwaves, (official showcase)

10/18, 3:00 – New York, NY @ Living Room, CMJ (Paper Garden official showcase)
10/19, 7:30 – New York, NY @ Angels & Kings, CMJ (TJO Presents showcase)
10/20, 1:15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill, CMJ (Mecca Lecca showcase)
10/20, 8:00 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron, CMJ
10/21 – Boston, MA @ PA lounge
10/22 – TBA
10/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ M Room
10/24 – Washington, DC @ TBA