Jul 10th

Conveyor Self-Titled Debut Album Release Next Week!

Conveyor’s highly anticipated self-titled record will be available next week to all of you who have sat patiently on your best behavior in waiting.

The album (available July 17th) has already been met with rave reviews following an incredibly successful launch show  adored by Consequence of Sound and NY Social Status and has been featured as Exfm‘s album of the week.

Conveyor spoke to Gold Flake Paint about the process of recording the album:

“It was a hectic 8 months. I think it went as smoothly as it could have gone given our circumstances, which were a sort of makeshift recording studio in the space where we normally practice. The whole thing was such a process from start to finish, like there weren’t definite periods of writing, then recording, then mixing. It was all just happening at the same time, which I think in the end turned out to be beneficial to our creativity,” TJ said.

And for good reason according to Gold Flake Paint’s review to follow.

“For every inspired pop-hit (and there are many; from the the wonderfully-constructed Mukraker, through the slow-building majesty of Right Sleep, to the dazzling strut of Mane) there is a balance and a counter-point (the barely-there nuanced simmering of Homes); the result being an ever-changing kaleidoscopic outpouring of sound and colour and an overall feel that manages to be structured and finely-crafted yet also bold, brave and brilliantly unleashed.”

Conveyor spoke to Alphabet Bands about some of the tracks on the album, describing Woolgatherer as “Strands of neurons are soaked in a chemical dye and then gathered together to be braided on a loom made from collected dead tree branches. The result is a tether used to hoist piles of asthmatic brains out of a primordial pit.” and Short Hair as “A heavy-handed metaphor for the importance of timeliness in strategic life decisions, but: after all, it grows back anyway, right?.”

Making you hungry to bask in the sonic-wonder of this awesome record?

You can pre-order here:

Catch Conveyor as they head to the West Coast this week for their national tour!

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Check out the photos from the launch show here:

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