Jul 9th

Conveyor Record Release Show: recap (6/28/12)

Last month Conveyor kicked off their tour and their stunning new record with a killer show at the Mercury Lounge in our very own NYC on June 28th.

They showed off their musical prowess with a set mostly dedicated to their anticipated self-titled release that had the audience reveling in the heat of the fine-tuned moment.

Consequence of Sound‘s Harley Brown said Conveyor were “Like nothing I’ve ever heard”.

“It still astounds me that Conveyor can keep so many moving parts together so tightly, between the shifting rhythms and climbing canons that sniff around each other like– for lack of a better descriptor– the honeybee waggle dance,” she said.

Brown also wonderfully documented the intensity of Conveyor and their gorgeous set that found itself punctuated by darkness and some good old fashioned rock’n'roll.

“At the apparent end of their set, Masters asked to kill the lights. “I want you guys to space out to this one,” he said before launching into “Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy”. “I will pick them up,” he sang as the audience members bobbled glowing balloons, which kept falling to the ground and, sure enough, were picked back up.”

But it wasn’t all about spacing out in a darkened room – NY Social Status said that frontman T.J. Masters “becomes a charismatic creature of music and movement from the first note played on stage.”

“Legs moving seemingly on their own accord and body tossed from one end of the stage to the other, Masters’ enthusiasm for his music adds more than a dash of passion to concrete the band’s sound and delivers a dynamic performance for Conveyor’s audience,” they wrote.

It’s certified – “If you’re on the prowl for an amazing performance by a crazy cool band, prowl no longer,” NY Social Scene recommended.

So if you know what’s good for you – check out Conveyor’s tour schedule HERE – they’ll be heading to the West Coast this week in their new fan-endorsed van to spread the catchy tunes.

You can also pre-order the album “Conveyor” here:

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