Jul 26th

CONVEYOR: iTunes, Amazon, reKiosk + CMJ Top 100

CONVEYOR‘s album has officially been released and we couldn’t be more excited! Within the first week, the album has already been killing it on the digital retail front, being featured in various curated sections on both iTunes (U.S. and Australia) and Amazon!

Outside of the traditional digital retailers, we’re super excited to be one of the first to set up a kiosk store on, where fans, bloggers, tastemakers and more act as distributors and everybody gets paid!  They just opened up the service today, and we hightly recommend you check it out! To get a better idea of how it works, sneak a peak at their promo video below:

Conveyor’s hype doesn’t stop at retail, though, as the band has just made a pretty grand leap on the college radio front, jumping from CMJ’s top 200 up to their top 100 within 1 week, grabbing the #1 spot on KFSR in Fresno and into the top #50 at KCRW in Los Angeles.

Industry and press continue to love Conveyor as well, with new sessions, in-stores, features, reviews, and interviews from Daytrotter, Grooveshark, Hipstamatic, Indie Rock Cafe, The Deli Magazine, Listen Before You Buy, and Buzz Bands LA to name a few.