Mar 30th

‘Boy’ the Movie comes to America!

Having first seen this New Zealand film a year or so ago, we quickly fell more and more in love with the brilliant writing and acting that director Taika Waititi has created in this indie masterpiece.

Now we have the extreme privilege of sharing the news that the Sundance-nominated and New Zealand’s biggest film ever, ‘Boy’ has come to America!  Having officially released the film on March 2nd in a few very select theaters, ‘Boy’ will now be launching in over 30 cities, starting in NYC at Village East Cinemas this weekend!

Purchase your tickets to see ‘Boy’ the Movie at Village East Cinemas HERE

Directed by Taikai Waititi (Eagle Vs Shark, Flight Of The Conchords), ‘Boy’ is a simple yet endearing story set in a small Maori Village in New Zealand. The time is 1984 and the flavor of the moment is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s central character ‘Boy’ and his younger brother Rocky, are played by two first time child actors, who seem not only natural, but born to be on the big screen. The story revolves around the return of their father, played by Taikai Waititi, after a long absence following the death of their mother during Rocky’s childbirth. These circumstances give the story incredible traction to witness the characters strengths, weaknesses and growth. While the film has moments of sadness and remorse, it is juxtaposed beautifully by one-liners and an overall bittersweet evolution of the characters relationships.

‘Boy’ the movie has already garnered critical acclaim from the New York Times, Indiewire, Vanity Fair, The Onion A/V Club, Wall Street Journal, Hello Giggles and many more.

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