The City and Horses



The City and Horses is a Philadelphia-based recording project and band lead by a children’s television producer named Marc.  The group genre-bends the indie pop spectrum from lofi folk to power to chamber to synth.

They have released three albums, I Don’t Want to Dream (White Shoe Records, 2009), We Will Never Be Discovered (Paper Garden Records, 2011) and most recently, Strange Range (Paper Garden Records, 2013).  Strange Range finds the band expanding on their quirky indie pop persona with a (strange) range of songs that touch on the sadomasochism of anxiety disorders, the real or imagined simplicity of the 1990s and loving loveless relationships.

Though the band never tours and rarely performs, they have been featured widely in media like NPR’s “All Songs Considered”, WXPN, The 405, BreakThru Radio, Magnet Magazine, My Old Kentucky Blog, RCRD LBL and more. Their video for “We Will Never Be Discovered,” made by the French pop art duo, le contremaître et sa contremaîtresse, was named video of the 2011 by The Owl and others.

Marc also writes songs for others.  He collaborated with RJD2 on a song for the PBS KIDS Sprout float in the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  His songs have also appeared in promos for PBS KIDS Sprout, the films Paper Heart, Speak Easy and God’s Country, web ads for the United Way, the Jessica Simpson Collection, dELia*s and Sanctuary Clothing, on the Grammy nominated “Kingston Morning” by Dave Eggar and soundtrack for the film The Graduates.



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  • “The singer-songwriter behind the City and Horses refers to himself merely as Marc, hinting at the breezy informality of his indie-pop tunes. Unassuming as it might seem, though, the Brooklyn outfit’s debut, I Don’t Want to Dream, is both wise and disarmingly wistful.”


  • “The City and Horses is singularly-named Brooklyn songwriter Marc, whose aching, strummy indie-pop could be described by a lesser ear as twee. Not us, Marc! We prefer to focus on the literary bent, the folksy thrust, the chamber strains. His sound may be sweet, but it’s not precious by a mile.”


  • "Filled with plenty of warm layers and some groovy bass that just won’t quit, The City and Horses put together a funky little trip back in time to kick off their newest studio effort, Strange Range. My favorite part of the track is the hilarious lyrics that focus on the awkwardness and ridiculousness of growing up."

    — Indie Shuffle