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The First Couple of Years:  Huzzah! New York transplantation! Loud people, late nights and oh man so many possibilities. Young things on the loose with big plans, sly smiles and a good buzz! And never mind that the buildings block the sunset because TEAM GENIUS is so perfect poppy sunny happy that they don’t need sunsets, all they need are dance parties. Pop-Americana, you know you wanna, like Ronald Reagan’s Cousin.

The Noisy Peak:  Drew, Chad, Erin, Emma, Chris, Rebekah, and Scottie D.- don’t they sound like names you want to be friends with? Maybe they’re your friends already? They’ve gone around the block a few times now and know how to do it hard. Tonight everything is more than alright, everything is stupendous, it is time to get loud, time for double time, I mean you need to jump up and down and remember that everything is madness and deserves to be shouted out about in the form of yips, wah-ohs, woos, and oh OH you should blow really excited high notes on a harmonica because it feels as good as it sounds! Just do it, who the hell cares?!!

The Hangover:  It happens to everyone.  It can’t be helped.  Sooner or later you wake up one morning and it’s just not so simple anymore.  This town used to be a beautiful mess and now well, you’re not quite sure what it is.  It’s changing.  So you call up a few friends and pick up a good bourbon. You start out pleasantly chatting about the small things but by the end of the night you’re swaying and shouting along in a moment of perfect catharsis. This is 3 a.m., 3 friends and a bottle.

The End Game:  This is the story. THE STORY. The search for something to connect you to everything. This is about New York making you into a New Yorker. This is about what it takes to get there. The euphoric wins, the colossal failures and all the plodding moments in between. This is about being a real adult but still confusing people about your age because you haven’t quite lost your optimism yet.  This is not easy. TEAM GENIUS knows this. They lived it, and then they made a full length album about it.


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  • "perfect poppy sunny happy"

    — The Owl Mag