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Peasant is Damien DeRose, 23-year-old poet turned artiste, from fabled and beautiful Bucks County, PA.  The sleepy hometown and its surroundings, melded with trials and tribulations, to inspire Peasant’s confessional and straightforward style of music. In and out of the bedroom studio throughout high school, DeRose helped form a small scene in Bucks County by doling out frisky live performances and DIY records. After high school, he traveled solo on several tours of the US and Europe before signing with Paper Garden Records in 2008 and releasing “On The Ground.”

From the whispered, homemade tracks of Fear Not Distant Lover (‘05), to the more polished On the Ground (’09), Peasant’s music has evolved from release to release while maintaining a sensibility and honesty. In 2009, “On The Ground” gained distribution through Team Love, as well as having several songs placed on network TV.  In addition, Peasant’s music video for “We’re Good” was featured on, MTVU, and Fuse.TV.  Peasant had several tours throughout 2008 and 2009, playing shows as well as recording a series of sessions for Daytrotter, WOXY, and LaundroMatinee, eventually leading to opportunities to share the stage with such high-profile acts as Cursive, Delta Spirit, and Deer Tick among others.

Peasant is going back to his roots for his upcoming album, “Shady Retreat” – recording and engineering the tracks on his own in a converted springhouse studio in the woods.  It is a creative step forward for an artist who admires self-produced records from The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” to Nick Drake’s whispered 8 track sessions.   With similar passion for all things human, DeRose creates lush, yet still simple music for “Shady Retreat”, a record he has worked his whole career to produce and one that is bound to exude the beauty of music that comes without pretense, and exists purely, because it does.  “The End” is the first single and an excellent lead in to the record.


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  • “Though his music is unassuming and acoustic, when armed with a guitar, DeRose makes music that beckons and calls out, as if demanding to be heard. DeRose also has a secret weapon: a voice that seems to expose his very soul.”

    — NPR

  • “With an ostensibly perfect set of circumstances to fuel the flames of his own artistic revolt, Peasant is the ideal songwriter to resemble the struggle.”