Conveyor is a band.  Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, the band is composed of electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, voice, and the four members that manipulate these instruments in order to perform the songs.  The body that comprises their work currently includes: a string of self-released EPs, a cassette, one full-length album, and a number of 7” singles.  The music is best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, predominantly major-key, and adequately fits under the categories of rock and pop, with additional associations- more or less strong- to related sub-genres.


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  • “Conveyor likes its vocal-harmony oohs and aahs, its staggered and coiling two-guitar patterns and its odd meters: 5/4, 7/4, 9/4, all played as if their little rhythmic hiccups were smooth and unremarkable”

    — The New York Times

  • “The debut LP from Conveyor is a bold first offering that shows a band artistically naked, presenting themselves and their thoughts unedited, with no creative boundaries. The result is a musical adventure filled with wonderment guided by a band that stands alone as themselves, not a shadow of others.”

    — We Listen For You

  • “Combining the percussion of afropop with moody electronics and rhythmic patterned vocal placement, their sound is bouncy and creative… Time signatures that break out of the 4/4 mold suggest artists not content to rely on the safety of familiar patterns”

    — Deli Magazine