Lovely Hearts Club

Sep 16th

About the Lovely Hearts Club

Let’s face it, with the rampant nature of social media, today’s music industry is reliant on tastemaker blogs and unfiltered opinion, so, we figured if you can’t beat em, join em! Inspired by travel and exploring different music scenes world-wide, Paper Garden’s Lovely Hearts Club is a new project based on the premise of telling people about the undiscovered and emerging bands that we love and encouraging people share it. It is a retake on the old-school record label’s “singles club” that combines the new school methods of social media and the thriving DIY culture. The Lovely Hearts Club has one goal in mind: helping deserving bands get deserving attention.

Loosely based on The Beatles’ Lonely Hearts Club Band”, the Lovely Hearts Club parallels many ideas from this legendary piece of music history. For The Beatles, it was further experimentation into their sound, a point of incorporating elements of all types of genres into what became a loose concept album based on a fictitious band. For Paper Garden, it is an experiment in an ever-changing music industry and an exploration into our diverse taste in music, creating a destination for those with open eyes and ears. We are bringing together an international band of people – all whom take part in creating the cohesive destination that is Paper Garden’s Lovely Hearts Club.

As Paper Garden’s Lovely Hearts Club is a media outlet in itself, it is also a connection tool for bands to develop relationships and gather feedback from record labels, managers, publicists, music supervisors, distributors, lawyers, booking agents, producers, events companies, filmmakers, visual artists, and even other bands. Through collaborating and interacting with fans and industry insiders alike, Paper Garden’s Lovely Hearts Club strives to build a music community in which people can rely.